Laskar Merah Putih Berated Madiun DPRD

Laskar Merah Putih berated Madiun DPRD, Thursday (19 / 8). They blamed local government officials for harassing the President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), they did not attend the plenary parliament when the President was giving his speech to the 65th anniversary of Indonesian independence day.

The effect, none of the local government officials listened to the President's speech.

In its action, there were only 10 activists of Laskar Merah Putih, escorted by a super tight police security, including some security services from Madiun Satpol PP.

The mass were only reading out loud their statement. The absence of all stakeholders in local government who are paid from the Madiun public money in the Special Plenary Session Presidential speeches was not a praiseworthy action, arrogant, and insulting the President, and the constitutional system of government and regulations.

In addition to urging President, Home Affairs Minister, Chief of Police, Commander of the Armed Forces, the Governor of East Java, East Java DPRD, East Java Regional Police, Territorial V / UB, Madiun DPRD, and Korem 081 to give strict punishment for the President's abuse, activists also urged the Laskar Merah Putih to call those member of Madiun's DPRD action as sabotage and betrayal of the nation. They called on the people of Madiun to give moral sanction to the organizers who do not care about people, nations and countries. In addition, they urged the legislative process demands Madiun City Administration Up people to apologize to the citizens of Madiun.

After having their speech delivered, some activists were allowed to enter the Parliament Building in Madiun. They were received in the hearing along with several members of Commission I, II, and III, as well as Madiun DPRD.

"We were surprised, if in some other areas orderly, regent or mayor and officials arrived in the plenary session listening to the President's speech. Kok in Madiun not ignored altogether, "said the man chubby bespectacled black.

Meanwhile, a member of Commission II, Madiun DPRD, Ngedi Trisno Yusianto asserted, Madiun DPRD has no obligation to invite the mayor of Madison along with his entire staff in a special plenary session to listen to the President's speech. According to him, it was in accordance with legislative rules of Article 53 Paragraph B regarding to the provision of the Special Plenary Session.

"So it's not our obligation to invite the mayor and staff want to come or be present or not present, it does not become an obstacle in the trial. Since five years ago, so his condition was like that in every city council before the anniversary of Indonesia, "he asserted.

However, the dialogue between the Laskar Merah Putih with board lasted a lot. Section, the board has strongly denied being compact harassment against the President.

"Absolutely we're not going to like it, (harassing). Executive was not invited because of our tatib is not mandatory, "concluded Chairman Madiun DPRD, M Thohir.

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