Breast Cancer: Second Most Prevalent among Indonesian Women

Breast cancer is the second most prevalent disease among Indonesian women after cervical cancer, a minister said. "Breast cancer ranks second after cervical cancer among the diseases suffered by  Indonesian women," said Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Minister Linda Amelia Gumilar here Monday  after attending a seminar on Breast Cancer Management Update.
Breast Cancer
Linda said the seminar was held to increase  women’s  knowledge and awareness about breast cancer and how to detect it at an early stage.  She said to protect more women from breast cancer her ministry would issue a policy whereby regional hospitals would be provided with mammography instruments.
The minister noted that many hospitals in the country lacked the equipment to detect breast cancer in women at an early stage and therefore, she would require hospitals in the country to include mammography tests in their general medical check-up packages. Linda called on all Indonesian women to remain  aware of the risk of breast cancer and the need to detect it as early as possible, if they had it.
"Breast cancer patients can still be cured, if the disease is detected in its early stage," she said.

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6 Responses to "Breast Cancer: Second Most Prevalent among Indonesian Women"

  1. Hopefully, mammography instruments would be available in all hospitals (as possible) for the easy detection of breast cancer. We should not be ignorant with this because breast cancer is a serious one and really needs full attention. Anyway, thanks for this information. Looking forward for more post concerning breast cancer and other related stuff. Thanks.

  2. Breast Cancer is one of the prevalent causes of death around the globe. It is a really good thing that it can still be prevented as long as it is detected in its early stage. Many families have lost a mother because this very serious disease which gives us more reason to fight Breast Cancer.

  3. I hope that all hospitals around the world have enough budget for hospital equipments so that they can have this so called mammography instruments to help detect the so called breast cancer. Let us not take this for granted because this disease can kill both men and women especially if not detected earlier. Awareness is still important for everyone of us not just for Indonesian people. Thank you so much for posting.

  4. Good to know that the Indonesian Government is still aware in disseminating information to their fellowmen especially women about the dangerous effect of breast cancer. I am looking forward for the positive result of their campaign. We all know that this kind of disease rank as one of the disease that commonly kills women. On the other hand it is still good to say that breast cancer is still curable as long as it is detected at the early stage. We always bear in our mind the adage that says,"PREVENTION is better than to CONTROL". Thanks for this post!

  5. I am glad to know that Indonesian government is concerned with regards to its people's health. People should be reminded about the so called breast cancer, it's effects especially to women. Hopefully, hospitals around the world can purchase mammography instruments for faster detection of this disease. I am looking forward the widespread success of this program. Thank you so much for posting.

  6. That's good news! Breast cancer has been one of the causes of death in women. Researches have been conducted inorder to have a cure for this illness. I hope that other countries have the same program for breast cancer.


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