Too Late, President's Explanation About Yogyakarta Privileges

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is scheduled to give a thorough explanation of the draft Law of Yogyakarta Special Region Privileges before the cabinet meeting at the Presidential Office today, Thursday (02/12/2010).

However, political observers Burhanuddin Mutahdi of Indonesian Survey Institute (LSI) said the move was too late. "Because I had already caused a polemic for SBY. Presented on 26 November and the new clarified tomorrow (today). In my opinion, rice has become porridge because SBY statement vague and not well targeted on the idea of monarchy which had already caused a furore community Yogyakarta, "he told, Wednesday night.

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How Australia Enhances Capacity of Indonesia's Islamic Education

The Australian Embassy in Jakarta launched on Wednesday a collection of writings entitled Various Approaches to Islamic Study: An Anthology of Young Researchers under the PIES (Partnership in Islamic Education Scholarship) Program 2008-2009, it said in its website on Wednesday.

This publication reflects the success of the PIES program and encapsulates the participants’ findings while researching and writing their doctoral level thesis in Australia.  Initiated and managed by the Australia-Indonesia Institute, the PIES program, which began in 2006, is funded by AusAID, implemented by the Australian National University (ANU) and run in partnership with the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs.

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Indonesia Economy to Grow 6.3 Percent in 2011

Indonesia’s economy is predicted to grow by 6.3 percent in 2011 or higher than the previous year but risks would also be higher, an economic observer said.
The country’s economic growth is predicted to be higher than 5.9 percent predicted in 2010 but also with a higher risk because Indonesia is located in a natural disaster-prone region, economist Anggito Abimanyu said here on Tuesday in a seminar on "Economic and Industry Outlook 2011"

The former economic vice minister said Indonesia sits on a region where 22 volcanoes are still active and therefore a better risk management would be needed especially insurance for people living around the mountains.

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Democracy Versus Monarchy in Yogyakarta

There can be no system that collided with a constitutional monarchy and democratic values, "the president said, in a limited Cabinet meeting at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Friday (26/11). Statement of the SBY was immediately made a lot of parties, especially supporters of privilege DIY, inflamed. The reason, the statement indicated the government's reluctance to admit "sovereignty" DIY.

The central government did not want to make the state within the state. And more extreme, the central government could be scared if the Ngayogyakarta Sultanate will reduce the power of Indonesian'a state.

Although only a sentence, the implication is extraordinary. Especially if associated with the current condition of Yogyakarta which is in a deep sorrow because of the Merapi's eruption. Yogyakarta Society is currently in hot, feel the grief caused the eruption of Merapi, which killed hundreds of people. It is not the right time for the government to make a fuss of power problems.

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