Coins For President: An Abusive Action?

Coins For President Members of the House of Representatives Commission III Nasir Jamil said that "Coins for President” action is never meant to abuse our president, Bambang Susilo Yudhoyono. The idea is intended as a form of concern over statements by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono about the salary that never rises for seven years.

"This is not abusive, but the form of concerns. While it is considered by the court that assessed the community respond to the statement of the President. He said the President of humor. This is just to synergize with empathy outside parliament. Not criticize, being satirical, and certainly does not also criticize the president institutional. This part of the expression alone, "he said in Parliament House on Tuesday (01/25/2011).

Politicians MCC asserts, the idea of 'Coins for President' did come from him and a number of colleagues in the House of Representatives Commission III, such as Bambang Soesatyo of Golkar faction, Martin Hutabarat from Fraction Gerindra, Syarifuddin Suding of Fraction Hanura and Edy Ramli from the Democratic Party.

However, Nasir claimed to know nothing directly the existence of a transparent box that is on a working meeting between the commission and the police chief last night. Nasir said the idea came from a brief chat on the sidelines of a working meeting with the Chief of Police last night.

They talked about the President's follow-up statement. "That's our form of empathy and sympathy," he added.

The box itself is not visible this morning. However, Nasir said that if the box is full, its contents will be handed over to community groups that are also moving on the statement of the President. It will not be submitted directly to the State Palace. "Nah we may immediately submit to the President. If we leave the President, that was later judged only banter (expense) only," he said.

source: kompas

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