Indonesia Trying to Reduce Maternal Death Rate

Indonesia is trying to reduce maternal death rate from currently at 228 per 100,000 living births to 102 by 2015. Coordinating minister for people’s welfare Agung Laksono said here on Saturday "it must drop to 102 by 2015."

Indonesia Trying to Reduce Maternal Death Rate The minister said the rate of maternal deaths in the country was still very high and even the highest among members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). He said the government had been committed to reducing the rate in line with the Millennium Development Goals.

One of the efforts to realize the goal is preparing various health facilities especially for delivery processing. Besides preparing the facilities the government also tried to produce professional midwives that have skills in helping delivery, he said. The minister said he admitted that the number of such facilities and professional midwives was not big especially in the regions and small islands.

"In remote islands it could take days to get the facilities or professional midwives," he said. He stated the government would provide the budget for it with regard to reducing the rate of maternal deaths.

source: Kompas

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Indonesia Screens Japan Travelers for Radiation

Indonesia gave a preliminary all-clear Saturday after radiation-screening passengers arriving at Jakarta airport from Japan, which is battling to prevent leaks at a stricken nuclear power plant.

“The nuclear energy regulatory agency, with the airport’s management, started to carry out screenings on Tuesday,” Soekarno Hatta international airport official Frans Yoseph told AFP.

“Up until now we have not detected any sign of radiation,” Yoseph said adding that they will continue to conduct checks until the Japan’s nuclear crisis ends.

The team conducted screenings for passengers, crew members and luggage coming off direct flights from Japan, he said, adding that there were six flights to and from Tokyo and Narita every day.

A 9.0-magnitude earthquake on March 11 triggered a giant tsunami that flattened Japan’s northeast coast and killed 7,197, according to the latest police death toll, with almost 11,000 officially listed as missing.

Four of the six reactors at Fukushima No. 1 plant have been in danger of leaking dangerous amounts of radioactivity after an earthquake and tsunami led to a series of hydrogen explosions and fires at buildings housing the units.

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FIFA Rejects The Nomination of Nurdin Halid.

FIFA rejects nomination of Nurdin Halid.

FIFA asks Nurdin Halid to no longer propose him self as the candidate of the next PSSI chairman election.

This was revealed in a reply letter from FIFA to PSSI on Monday (2/28/2011). In the letter, FIFA declared for Nurdin is no longer a candidate for the chairman of the next period.

"There are two important points in the letter provided by FIFA. The first is their decision not to grant sanction to the Indonesian football," said Commissioner of Persebaya 1927, Saleh Mukadar, as cited by World Soccer.

"The second, not approved Nurdin Halid as a candidate for PSSI Chairman on the coming period," added the former national football Rescue Committee Secretary (KPPN).

Nurdin_halid According to Saleh, the letter was first checked and declared officially. "The letter was directly sent from Switzerland (headquarters of FIFA). Previously, Nurdin only describes the first point. He did not disclose the second point that is written in a letter sent by FIFA," said Saleh.

The letter that was submitted by PSSI to FIFA on 28 February has two resolutions, the PSSI congress delayed the implementation of the plan was held on March 26, 2011 and request that FIFA did not impose sanctions on Indonesia.

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Andi Mallarangeng said he would call a board PSSI. According to him, if it is done, then the government would be intervening PSSI.

As reported earlier, PSSI chairman Nurdin Halid said so far has not made any communication with Andi Mallarengeng. And this needs to be done to resolve the issue of Indonesian national football uncertain at this time.

"Whenever PSSI refused to consult we're ready. But if we were told to call once, later mistaken for intervention.'ll Be reported to FIFA," said Andi told reporters at his office on Wednesday (03/02/2011).

According to Andi, it would be good if the PSSI himself who came to Menpora. Commission X of the House of Representatives on Tuesday (1 / 3), wanted Menpora and PSSI conduct mediation to resolve all problems. Andi said, "I appreciate that my friends in the House want a mediation process. But that position should be clear, the government position in accordance with the Act and the national sport system and its derivatives. The task of government shall administer, manage, and supervise the PSSI," continued Andi.

"PSSI is a sports organization that fostered, and supervised by Menpora. And such a position should be clear. The government made statutory laws and regulations in the Republic and its provisions. If the government runs its authority, yes you could baseball is called intervention. What more can be done by government only provide guidance and oversight, "the Democratic politicians are complete.

A number of members of Commission X of the Board of Representatives requested that PSSI chairman Nurdin Halid not go forward in the nomination of the chairman of the PSSI period 2011-2015.

In a hearing with PSSI in the Parliament Building, on Tuesday (01/03/2011), members of the House leadership Nurdin Halid rate in the last eight years did not produce a proud achievement. Parliament also highlighted the demonstrations against the power Nurdin like a lot happening lately.

"I ask Mr. Nurdin is no longer running for president. In my opinion, it would be more honorable than forward, but the unwanted people," said Didi Wahidi, a member of the National Awakening Party (PKB).

Didi assess Nurdin try to close all the doors for people outside the scope of PSSI who want to advance in the stock election chairman in four yearly congress later this month PSSI.

Requests for Nurdin no longer forward as a candidate for the chairman of the PSSI also expressed by members of the Democratic Party, Angelina Sondakh. Angie, as she was called, felt sorry for the kids at home Nurdin who always saw his father cursed by the protesters.

"I really do not want Mr. Nurdin abused by other people, trampled his picture, burned, humiliated. So, we asked Mr. Nurdin to no longer run for chairman," he said.

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