Former TKI Bring HIV / AIDS To Indonesia

The number of people living with HIV / AIDS in the district of Madiun, East Java, has increased every year. Sadly, most people with a lot of it comes from heterosexual married couples who have a history of ever working outside of Madison, the main working abroad.
Madison County Health Department reported, during 2010 found at least 34 new carriers, in which 13 people died. In 2011, finding people with new HIV / AIDS has reached 14 people in just three months. The total findings of sufferers from 2002 to now reach 103 people, where 35 of which died.

Head of Disease Eradication and Health Efforts Madison County Health Department Soelistyo Widyantono said, the findings of cases of HIV / AIDS in the region is high because on average each month for more than four cases. However, the most surprising of the findings of these carriers, which are very few high-risk groups.
Precisely the most ordinary people, meaning the couple households ie husbands, wives, even children. "But once traced, they have a history of working abroad, such as Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Hong Kong. Minimal work outside of Madison, such as Batam, Kalimantan, Bekasi," he said on Wednesday (04/06/2011).
As an illustration, out of 14 finding new carriers in 2011, almost all of them are ordinary families, ie husband, wife and one child. Only one person out of 14 new carriers are coming from high-risk groups, namely female sex workers (WPS). Sadly again, finding people with HIV / AIDS is dominated by women as much as nine of 14 people.
Efforts to control the spread of HIV / AIDS in Madison County to be difficult because of the mobility of workers is difficult to be monitored. Moreover, after further explored, the average positive-infected workers are those who departed through unofficial channels of illegal alias.
Soelistyo said, as prevention efforts, it has been coordinating with the Department of Labor Madison County. Way, entered counseling about the dangers of disease and the importance of prevention of disease transmission to prospective migrant workers or prospective workers who will go out of town.
He acknowledged HIV / AIDS cases in Madison County is an iceberg phenomenon. This means that people with the current findings only appearance at the summit, while the real case, whose scope is so large it has not been revealed. "This is what is feared by the agency and is compromised by all circles," he said.
Concerns that makes sense because according to data from the Department of Manpower and Transmigration of Madison County, the number of Indonesian workers from Madison in 2010 alone reached 2836 people, consisting of 356 men and 2480 women. That does not include workers who do not register on the official departure of illegal alias predictable amount not lose much.
Head of Placement, Training, and Labor Productivity of Manpower and Transmigration Office of Madison County Suyadi said, based on destination state workers, most of whom work in Hong Kong as many as 833 people. Besides Hong Kong, the workplace of the most ogled Madison TKI origin is Malaysia and Taiwan as many as 748 people as many as 759 people.
Meanwhile, Andreanus M Uran, Nusantara Bamboo Foundation Program Director Madison, a non-governmental organizations that provide assistance to HIV / AIDS, said, in addition to the workers, that deserve serious attention in efforts to control this disease are young people who have free sex.
The indication, they are found hanging out at night entertainment venues, such as karaoke, cafes, and discotheques. The reason, in the last two years in Madison flourishing night entertainment venues and even worse is the targeted market segment of the student.

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