Indonesia Released Australian Teen Convicted of Marijuana Possession

The Australian teen imprisoned of marijuana ownership on the resort island of Bali after the boy spent two months in imprisonment finally released on Sunday. The 14-year-old was sentenced in late November to two months for marijuana use in a case that has drawn international attention. The sentence included time already served.

He will leave Indonesia and will be blacklisted from re-entering the nation for six months. After he has arrested in October, the teen was moved from a prison to an immigration center because the latter is more suitable for a teenager, a local prosecutor said.

Authorities arrested him while he was on holiday with his parents in Bali. After the arrest, the boy's attorney, Mohammad Rifan, said he had hoped to avoid a prison sentence and have him released to undergo drug rehabilitation.

Indonesia's drug laws are among the strictest in the world. But they have a provision, article 128, under which those arrested with small amounts of drugs can be released to rehabilitation if they can prove they are an addict. In the case of underage offenders, that requires a declaration from the youth's parents, officials have said.

Visitors to the country are warned on arrival that some drug crimes carry a determined penalty of death. Still, many have been arrested and convicted for various drug offenses. Two Australians are on death row in a Bali prison while six others are serving life sentences.

source: CNN

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70 US Soldiers Work in Freeport, Is It?

70 US Soldiers Work in Freeport, is that true? The possibility that this statement is correct is as big as our mislead mind about rumors like this. The news itself was initially brought into media by Ali Kastela, member of the House Commission VII from Hanura political party, declared that there are around 70 US soldiers work in PT Freeport Indonesia, subsidiary of Freeport McMoRan (FCX).

Ali claimed that he came up with the fact after his working visit to the Grasberg gold mine in Papua. “There are 70 active US soldiers working in Freeport,” said Ali, as quoted by Detikcom.

His statement was reasserted by Jimmy J, Vice Chairman of Papua Regional Council. Jimmy, however, cannot remember when the soldiers start working there.

Tjahjo Kumolo, member of Commission I of The House from PDI-P, called into question the information and stated that his commission, oversees military and international affairs, has never received such information.

“Commission I never received the information, either from national army commander, defense ministry, or state intelligence body.”

Djoko Suyanto, coordinating minister of politic, law, and security, confirmed the information, but he added that they are retirees from US troops. “There are some retirees (army) that worked in Freeport, which were hired through a proper recruitment phase like others civilians,” said Joko.

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