An American Girl Changed Kalla’s View on Economy

Indonesian former Vice President – Jusuf Kalla said, a girl in Seattle, United States, had changed her view toward economy. It happened a few years ago when he was Indonesian trade minister who led a delegation to the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle.

"At that time there were demonstrations in the United States. We went to the convention through the streets of mice. All students and activists blockaded the main street. Then I saw that girl, who was the field coordinator. I talked to her. I introduced myself and I asked, why they do the demonstration," Kalla said.

The girl explained that the demonstrations were actually aimed at the free trade regime that afflict society in any country and only brought benefit for a small number of capitalists.

The girl, Kalla continued, took a shirt for an example. Indonesia exported those shirts at a price of $15, those same shirts were sold in the United States at a price of $90.

"Where is the 75 dollars? That is eaten by the capitalists. The people of Indonesia are squeezed, so are the people of the United States. The profit only goes to a few people," said Kalla.

source and image credit: Kompas

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